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2019 Staffing Update


Hey Summit Crossing!

We have some exciting updates we wanted to share with you in regards to some staff changes and additions that are taking place as we begin the new year. As our church family grows, we desire for our staff to be equipped to effectively support the body and leadership of Summit Crossing. As we evaluated our current staffing, we began to realize that there was a need for some clarification, transitions, and adding of various staff roles. After much prayer and consideration, we felt like God was leading us to make the following changes as we prepare for long-term health and growth.


Ministry Assistant - Sunday Gatherings  |  
Jason Jenkins

For the last year, Jason has faithfully served Summit Crossing as the Director of Summit Students, but will now be transitioning out of that role into a Ministry Assistant role, specifically helping with the logistics of our Sunday Gatherings (further information regarding Summit Students leadership is below). We have needed this staff role for quite some time, and Jason will be stepping in to fill that need. He will be taking ownership of the many things that need to be done on Sunday morning around the building, and also ensuring that service details run smooth before and during our gatherings. Jason will also be working with our Serve Teams to help encourage and equip volunteers as they serve in various roles. We are excited to see Jason in this new role, and our prayer is that he would flourish in his gifts as he serves the Summit Crossing family in this way.

Ministry Assistant - Summit Students  |  Cate Sullivan 

Cate has been a part of the Summit Students team for some time now, serving as one of the leaders of our High School young women. As we have had the privilege of serving alongside Cate, we have realized that she possesses some administrative gifts and talents that we would like to make available to the broader Summit Students family. This realization, coupled with the pressing need to share the many and varying responsibilities of student discipleship, has led us to bring Cate onboard in a Ministry Assistant role, with a focus on communication and planning within the ministry of Summit Students. We are looking forward to seeing the way she will serve and equip our students in this new role.

Ministry Assistant - Sunday Gathering Prep & Facilities  |  Alyssa Hickinbotham

Alyssa has been participating in an internship with Summit Crossing for over a year, and during this entire time, she has served selflessly in many areas. However, the primary areas that Alyssa spends her time in the internship are caring for the facilities and helping prep for the Sunday Gathering through the printing of bulletins, chord charts, and various other setup needs that arise throughout the week. For the most part, her week-to-week responsibilities will remain the same as when she was interning with us, but we wanted to affirm her in this staff role as a Ministry Assistant, with a focus in the areas as mentioned earlier - Sunday gathering preparation and facility care. We are excited to see Alyssa flourish in the expanding of her responsibilities as she continues forward as a part of the Summit Crossing staff team.

Ministry Assistant - Creative Arts & Facilities  |  Blake Whitt

Along with Alyssa, Blake has long been an intern here at Summit Crossing, serving selflessly to support our staff in many areas. Blake's primary areas of work are helping with facility care and supporting the Director of Creative Arts & Communication by producing weekly video announcements and assisting with other creative projects as needed. Blake will continue to perform these functions as before, but we are affirming him in this new staff role as a Ministry Assistant with a focus in Facility Care and the Creative Ministry. We are excited about Blake continuing to serve and bless the Summit Crossing family with the gifts God has given him.

Director of Corporate Worship  |  Dean Lusk

Dean has served as the Director of Corporate Worship since 2016. During this time, he has faithfully planned and led the music portion of our Sunday Gatherings week after week, and we are so grateful for the time he has been able to serve as a part of the Summit Crossing staff. Recently, Dean approached the elders sharing that he had realized there was a need to refocus his time and energy on himself and his family, and that it would be unhealthy for him to do that while serving in a capacity that carried the amount of weight and responsibility as Director of Corporate Worship. Through conversation and prayer, the elders agreed with this decision, and so Dean submitted his resignation as Director of Corporate Worship in December of 2018. With the holiday season and the other additions that we anticipated coming in the new year, we wanted to wait until we had a better grasp on the direction God was leading us to share this news with you all. Dean and Callie are still a crucial part of the body here at Summit Crossing, and we wanted to clearly and emphatically express our gratitude to Dean for the many hours of selfless service he has given to our Summit Crossing family. Dean has written a short note below to share his heart.

Summit Crossing family,
It has been an absolute privilege to serve you and serve with you for the past two years leading corporate worship with an incredible group of worshiping musicians. (And it's been a great deal of fun -- seems odd to say that in the context of corporate worship, but it's true.) As we move to a new season in life, I want to thank you all so much for that privilege. We look forward to continuing to serve with you as part of Summit in Athens and to the ends of the earth. 
- Dean and Callie Lusk

Thankfully, God has given us two men who can step up and co-lead in an interim capacity while we seek God's direction for the filling of the part-time Director of Corporate Worship role. Steven Sims and Kirk Wright are taking on the week-to-week responsibilities of planning the music portion of our Sunday Gatherings, scheduling band members, leading on Sundays, and connecting new volunteers to serve with the Music Team. Both of these men have served as faithful members of the team for a long time now, and are familiar with the culture and heart we have for our Sunday Gatherings. We are so grateful to them for their willingness to lead the Music Team during this time.


Manager of Ministry Operations |
Dave Baker

Dave has been serving as the Manager of Ministry Operations for the past year with the Summit Crossing family. Though Summit Crossing only budgeted and paid for this role to be filled in a part-time capacity during this past year, Dave was able to give full-time hours to the job, thanks to those who supported him as he and his family transitioned off of the field as full-time, cross-cultural missionaries. Our goal was to be able to fully support this role as a church family by the end of 2018 and we are excited to announce that we will be able to do that. His role of helping manage the various ministries will not change; however, this will enable him to settle in and expand his responsibilities, now that this is a permanent role.

Pastor of Summit Students | Joel McCarty

Joel currently serves Summit Crossing as the Pastor of Missional Life and the Director of Creative Arts & Communication. Up until January of 2018, he also served as the Pastor of Summit Students, and he will now be stepping back into that role to serve and guide the vision and direction of Summit Students. He will still maintain his current roles as Pastor of Missional Life and Director of Creative Arts & Communication. With Cate Sullivan as a Ministry Assistant to support him, he will be caring for the Student Leaders and leading our Student Gatherings on Wednesday Evenings. We believe Joel will serve our students and leaders well in this capacity, making sure they are cared for and discipled in the ways of Jesus.

Church family, we know this is a lot to digest, and we wanted to say thank you for allowing us to be a part of your discipleship as you seek to follow Jesus. We are excited about what God has in store for us in 2019 and beyond, and there is not another group of people we would want to serve! If you have any questions at all, please email

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