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Elder Update


Watch the official announcement from our Sunday Gathering on April 14, 2019.

Good morning, Summit Crossing family. For those of you who may not be familiar with our understanding of the Biblical role of elders, we believe that elders are to know, lead, feed, and care for the church by shepherding and overseeing its people. While Christ is certainly the Chief Shepherd establishing and building His Kingdom, elders serve as under-shepherds stewarding the local church. To prevent personal kingdom building, and to hold elders accountable, God has ordained that the church be led by a plurality of Elders rather than one personality.  

As we mentioned over a month ago, we have been in the process of increasing the size of our Elder body based on the needs of the church and the recognition of the called. And yesterday, at our Sunday gathering, we had the distinct honor of affirming Joel McCarty as an Elder. 

Here at Summit Crossing, we understand the Bible to teach that God gives to the local church a plurality of elders to oversee and shepherd her members. The scriptures provide qualifications, responsibilities, and warnings for those who have been called and set apart to this role. At Summit Crossing, we take these Biblical qualifications seriously. As a result, the private assessment process is an extended and open-ended period of time.

For Joel, this has been somewhere around two years during which we have examined his character and calling. We held one-on-one discussions, had Joel read various books, discussed theological issues in both oral and written assessments, as well as examined his missional lifestyle, spiritual vitality, marriage and family, disciple making, etc. On March 10th, the Elders publicly announced Joel’s candidacy for Eldership inviting members to question him during a period of 30 days of open questioning.

Yesterday, after this full assessment of character and calling, we, the Elders of Summit Crossing, publicly affirmed that Joel McCarty has been called and set apart by the Holy Spirit to be an elder here at Summit Crossing Limestone.

Please pray for each of us as we seek to follow Jesus while shepherding the body here at Summit Crossing.

The Elders of Summit Crossing Limestone