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If you feel as if Summit Crossing is the place for you, and you would like to begin connecting with us on a deeper level, our Connect Class is for you. We believe the church exists to make disciples, and Connect is a four-week class that takes place once a quarter, where we cover the primary environments where that take place here at Summit Crossing. In this class, you can expect to learn about the five areas of our Discipleship Framework (foundation, identity, practices, environments, and purpose), and you will leave with clear next steps to begin engaging in the discipleship environments that are suited for you in this season of life. This class is also the best place to find a Missional Community to join, as it is the primary Discipleship Environment we offer here at Summit Crossing.

*Classes take place in the Discover/Connect Classroom located across from the Children's Check-In in the main hall area on Sunday mornings at 11:00am.
*Please register for one of the four-week classes by clicking above.
*If there is not an upcoming class, and you would like to go through the content of the class, please email Joel McCarty at