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DNA Discussion Guide


dna group
discussion guide

*If you have commitments from your last group meeting, review those now.

discover | head

Share SOME truths that stuck out to you from the content this week.

  • To help discover truths from the resource you are studying, ask the following questions:
    • What did I learn about God that I did not know or had forgotten?
    • What did I learn about myself that I did not know or had forgotten?
    • What did I learn about others that I did not know or had forgotten?

nurture | heart

discuss together the truths you have learned and where you are currently struggling.

  • To help get to your heart and emotions, ask the following questions.
    • How have I been feeling? How do I currently feel?
      *Be honest with where you are at.
    • How should this truth make me feel?
    • What are my emotions?
    • What do my emotions say about my affections and what I value?
    • Knowing the truth about the gospel, where should I lead my affections?

nurture each other in the gospel, pointing to Jesus

  • Here are some tips to help guide each other.
    • Sympathize with each others' weaknesses.
    • Remind each other of who you are in Christ Jesus.
    • Speak the truth in love.

act | hands

discuss how god is calling you to act as a result of what you have discovered.

  • Begin this time in prayer.
  • Be as specific as possible. Make a commitment before you leave the group.
  • Here are some tips to help hold each other accountable in the actions you have committed to.
    • Write down what you have committed to.
    • Before you leave, pray and ask the Spirit for courage and strength to obey.