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COHORTs & content | 2018

current 2018 cohorts

Jamey Nettles

Jason Cherry
Scott Fitts
Andy Long
Greg Clay

sean carter

Dean Lusk
Kirk Wright
Steven Sims
Mike Brockman
Rich Pomnitz

joel mccarty

Brent Von Kanel
Jason Jenkins
DeWayne Uselton
Jeremy Roberts

chris snitko

Nathan Holsombeck
Ryan Graham
Aaron Yamaguchi


upcoming sermon series & dna update


upcoming sermon series

Simplify  |  May 6 - 20

Sermons will be on prayer, fasting, and feasting on Jesus. 

We will also spend time talking about the role of technology and call our people to some sort of fast from an area of technology after the sermon. 

We will have cards that we ask people to fill out and commit to fasting from something in an area and feasting on something in an area (i.e. fast from Netflix, feast on prayer).

Our Discussion Guides will seek to lead our MC Groups to action together as a community during this series. We encourage group leaders to lead their members to share what God is calling them to fast from and feast on, and to follow up with accountability toward each other as a group. 

james  |  May 27 - july 29

- The "James" series will lead us into some topics that could be controversial. We will be calling our people to consider some blind spots in their lives that could be difficult for them to process (racism, classism, sexism, etc.)

- As a leader, we will be depending on you to help keep the gospel at the center of all discussions. Make us aware if there is a need for a pastor or elder to step into your group to have some deeper discussions.

dna update

We are developing some training resources for DNA Groups to launch. 

training resources




workshop review

discuss workshop content

discipleship framework

Is there an understanding of Missional Communities being primarily connect and live environments?

mc leader roles

Are there any questions or need for clarity about any of the roles?

Is there anything that should be added that is not already?

mc leader expectations

Are there any questions or need for clarity about any of the expectations?

Is there anything that should be added that is not already?

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing when you first entered into MC leadership, what would that be?

new discussion guide format

Do we understand the value in discipling the whole man, including the heart?

Does the guide make sense why it is set up the way it is?

dna group formation

Does your group currently have any people in DNA groups?

Do they have any plans to form soon?

Are there any remaining questions?

missional engagement

Does your group have an area that they engage in missionally?

What are some areas that you feel like you could lead your group toward in the coming months?


discuss sermon series

Review Topics

  1. What is the vision of Summit Crossing?
    To see the kingdom and glory of God advance from our neighborhoods to the nations.
  2. What is the mission of Summit Crossing?
    To make disciples that make disciples through knowing, connecting, and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. What are the primary goals of Missional Community?
    To connect and live out the gospel (being family and missionaries).
  4. Do you feel as if your Missional Community connects in gospel relationships and lives out the gospel in the world around them?
  5. What do you think needs to change for that to happen?

discover / connect class update

- The Field Group over the last year has been a success. We have seen a number of people connected into the Missional Community Life, as well as avoided some of the discouragement that can come with people engaging in MC without fully understanding the commitment required.

- At the same time, we think it might not quite be accessible as we would like for people to connect in other environments where discipleship can happen (serve teams, Bible studies, DNA groups, etc.).

- We also think that some of what is learned currently in Connect Class and the Field Group are similar, so we are taking what was the 8-week Field Group and making that now a 4-week Connect Class.

- Much of the content is the same. We have simply condensed things that we felt were repetitive, and added some things that will allow us to talk more about discipleship as a whole, rather than just the Missional Community environment. 

- Currently, both of these classes will take place quarterly, but Joel will always be available to meet with someone 1-on-1 to walk through the content of the classes if there is that need. 

- One of the primary asks of MC Leaders is to available and accessible at the end of the class when we connect people to Missional Community Life.

2018 spring workshop

March 3, 2018  |  9:00am - 1:00pm

- Planned topics to cover:

- Discipleship Framework of Summit Crossing
- DNA Group Structure and Support
- MC Leadership Track
- MC Leader Roles and Expectations (including ongoing development and coaching)


*Lunch and childcare will both be provided.
*We ask that you make this a high priority and be there if at all possible.
*We highly encourage your spouses to come.
*We highly encourage any that are potential leaders to come.




- We wish to provide structure, support, and clarity for DNA groups, and we will introduce that at our upcoming workshop on March 3rd.

bible studies & equipping classes

- We want to start supporting the "know" piece of our Mission Statement with Bible Studies and Equipping Classes. This will free up the Missional Communities to connect and live out the gospel.
- Explain the difference in the two.

Bible Studies - Expository studies on a certain book of the Bible.
Equipping Classes - Topical studies meant to equip people in a certain area (parenting, how to study the Bible, social issues, etc.)

equipping & empowering women

- We want to equip and empower women to make disciples that make disciples.
- Questions we are asking:

1. How do we equip women to know and study the Scriptures?
2. How do we equip and support our MC leaders who are women?

prayer and the word

- Expository Bible Studies
- Summit Daily
- Elder-led Prayer

missional communities being connect & live environments

- We desire for our Missional Communities to work toward increasingly focused on connecting in gospel relationships and living out the gospel in the world around us.

explain updated cohort format

- Last year: You could have a different person meeting with you 1-on-1 then the coach who was leading the cohort.
- This year: They are one and the same. 

- Last year: We mentioned the cohorts would last six months, then could change.
- This year: They will plan to stay the same the entire year.

- Last year: We did not provide as much structure, accountability, and communication among the coaches.
- This year: The Pastor of Missional Life will be prioritizing the support of each cohort and its coach.

staff hiring updates

Dave Baker - manager of ministry operations

- Dave will be working closely with Joel and Jamey in the following areas:

- connecting new people into the community life of the body
- the logistics and planning of things like MC Workshops, Bible Studies, Equipping Classes, etc.
- the necessary administration and communication required to effectively support and disciple our leaders
- bridging the gap between the desire groups have to be on mission and their practical knowledge and means to do so
- mobilizing the hearts of our people to join in the passion of God's heart for the nations to know King Jesus

- We are hoping this will allow us to better equip and support our Missional Community leaders, as we have more time and energy to put toward these endeavors.

jason jenkins - director of student discipleship

- Over the next six months, Jason will fully transition into the role of Student Discipleship Pastor, and Joel will transition out to be able to devote more energy to the Discipleship Framework of Summit Crossing. 

*This was talked about at the Sunday Gathering on January 21.