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development track


In this document, we hope to clearly define what the process is to raise up new leaders within your Missional Community (MC). We desire for the leadership development process to be one where the current MC leader and Summit Crossing pastoral leadership work closely together to make disciples that make disciples through the MC environment. Our end goal of this process is developing leaders that are growing toward the qualities and commitments defined in the MC Leader Role & Expectations document.

This process is not set in stone; rather it gives us a starting point and will be adjusted as needed based on each potential leader.

phase 1
exposure, training & assessment

*approximately six months


attend cohort meetings with current mc leader

The cohort meetings are a great time for potential leaders to hear and see what is required of our MC leaders. They will get exposure to other leaders and hear about their struggles and successes, as well as be led by the Cohort Coach of that group.

attend workshops

Potential MC leaders should be attending MC Leader Workshops whenever available. These are great environments to learn and ask questions about the role of a MC leader.

take on leadership roles in current group

If they are not already doing so, potential MC leaders should be taking on leadership roles within their current group. Ideas of delegated authority are as follows:

  • Leading discussion

  • Facilitating missional engagement

  • Leading a DNA group

  • Meeting one-on-one with other group members


read the following books

MC leaders should read the following books, and then set up a meeting with the Pastor of Missional Life to discuss the content. Summit Crossing will provide the books at no cost to the potential leader.

  • Total Church | Tim Chester

  • Gospel Fluency | Jeff Vanderstelt

attend the 4-week connect class

The potential leader should attend the four week Connect Class (this takes place quarterly on Sunday mornings) if they have not done so within the last two years. This will give them a great refresher of the vision and mission of Summit Crossing.

*If the potential leader is unavailable to attend, we have the Connect Class audio available to download and listen.


one-on-one meeting with the pastor of missional life

Once the training material has been covered, and the potential leader is engaging in the exposure piece of the development process, the Pastor of Missional Life will reach out and schedule a one-on-one meeting with the potential leader. This is a meeting to discuss strengths and weaknesses, and to determine how the potential leader can be served well by the Summit Crossing leadership.

meeting with pastor of missional life and current mc leader

The Pastor of Missional Life and current MC leader will schedule a time to meet together to discuss the future of the potential leader. The goal will be to clearly communicate the conclusion of the leadership team with one of the following decisions.

  • YES | The individual should proceed to phase 2 and move to more influential leadership opportunities.

  • WAIT | Leadership will identify areas of growth that need to happen before the process continues. Leadership will give a timeline to revisit the conversation with the individual.

  • NO | The individual is not best suited to lead a Summit Crossing missional community. Leadership will work to find the appropriate place within the body for the individual to exercise their gifts for the kingdom.

phase 2
co-leadership & follow-up

*approximately six months


At this point, the individual will be affirmed as a co-leader within their current group. During this season, the leader will continue to exercise their gifts and seek to strengthen their weaknesses. They are expected to continue the commitments of a MC leader as defined in the MC Leader Role & Expectations document.

*There may be exceptions to a new leader serving in their current group for this six month period. If so, the reasoning will be clearly communicated to both the current leader and the new leader.


The Pastor of Missional Life will meet with the new leader twice over the next six months to follow up and continue assessment and training. This will be on top of the normal meetings with the cohort the new leader is placed in.