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Good afternoon, MC Leaders!

I have a few opportunities for your group to serve and be a part of missional efforts here locally that I wanted to make you aware of. Please continue reading to see if any of your groups would like to be a part of the following opportunities.

*If any of these opportunities sound like a good fit for your group, please feel freedom to have someone else in your group lead this effort. That gives an opportunity for others to lead and allows you to share the burden.


What is the opportunity?

Fostering Hope is a ministry from our Summit Crossing Madison church family that also has connections here in Limestone County. They are wanting to take breakfast to the Limestone County DHR workers once a week during the month of May, and then if possible, once a month after that.

Here is what that would look like for your group:
Breakfast is for about 25 people. It should cost around $100-125, depending on your restaurant of choice + fresh fruit (bananas & apples). Coffee is provided at DHR, but we like to give the option of Orange Juice. Fostering Hope has purchased OJ to get us through the month of May (hopefully). We also noticed that a few people wanted a vegetarian or non-pork product option, so please take that into consideration.”

Your group does not have to physically be there, as there are volunteers with Fostering Hope that can take the food and provide it. Though it would be ideal if one or more people from your group could go along.

What are my next steps if I want to get my group involved?

  1. If your group is on board, sign up for a date here: ONLINE SIGN UP SHEET

  2. After you sign up, send an email to, and let them know what date you signed up for and ask them to send you any more details you need to know. They will be able to answer your questions and help you work out the logistics of getting the food to DHR.


What is the opportunity?

Loads of Love is a ministry that goes to a laundromat once a month here locally in Athens and provides laundry services to people who are there. You can learn more about their ministry at the Loads of Love website. Currently, they are in need of supplies, and your Missional Community can get involved by doing a supply drive.

Here are some of the items that they would need:

  1. Quarters (Monetary donations are needed to feed the washers and dryers each month.)

  2. Detergent (Pods are preferred as they are less messy and more convenient. Liquid is acceptable as well. We try not to use powder as storing it creates and it is not as user friendly.)

  3. Bleach

  4. Fabric Softener

  5. Dryer Sheets (These are currently not a priority as they already have a lot.)

  6. Snacks (Ones that can be stored in a non-controlled environment - individual bags of chips, cheezits, peanuts. peanut butter crackers, cheese and crackers, etc.)

What are my next steps if I want to get my group involved?

  1. Mobilize your group to purchase and collect the above items.
    *I recommend setting a deadline for your group to have supplies collected instead of leaving it open-ended.

  2. Email Chris Gentle at and let him know you plan on collecting items and when you plan to have the items available and ready to be picked up. He can coordinate with you on getting the items after you have collected them from your group.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

Joel McCarty
Pastor of Missional Life



Good morning! I wanted to just send you a reminder that we are hoping to relaunch groups back this next week or soon after (if you are not already meeting). There are also a couple other important things to keep in mind below.

  • We have provided a Relaunch Guide for both you and your group members. Hopefully this is of use to you. The link below is what you can provide to your members, and this is also available at under the “Monthly Action Guides”, under the button “Sermon Series”. 

  • There is also a Leader Version at the link above and the password to access that is “sc3mcleaders”.

  • I will have the first Monthly Action Guide for April available by the end of next week.

Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom here within the Summit Crossing body. If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

Joel McCarty
Pastor of Missional Life