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missional community leader
role & expectations


In this document, we hope to clearly define what the goals and expectations are for a Missional Community (MC) leader at Summit Crossing Limestone. Please know that these goals and expectations are not meant to bring a burden on any of our leaders. Instead, we hope to bring clarity and unity as we seek to make disciples that make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. We hope this gives our leaders something to strive for as we all seek to grow in our leadership capacity and ability to shepherd others toward a growing knowledge of King Jesus. If there is an area where a leader feels to be inadequate, we will provide resources and coaching to equip our leaders as they help guide our body.

It also needs to be stated that there is much grace for our MC leaders in the following areas. What is described below is a life that only Jesus Himself could live, and by God's grace, it is not our job to be Jesus, but instead to point people to Jesus, the perfect leader and shepherd of our souls. As we seek to lead and care for God's people, may we lean heavily on the grace found in the good news of Jesus Christ.

qualities & commitments


love & Affection for jesus

The first and foremost quality we are looking for in any of our MC leaders is a deep affection and love for Jesus. There should be fruit and evidences of a life committed to knowing, loving and obeying King Jesus in every area of life. There should be an excitement and willingness to talk about the things of God and a heart that is seeking to know God more and more.

love & affection for Christ's bride

Along with a heart for Jesus, we also look for a love for His church. Most of us have been burned by the church at one point in our lives, but as we grow into spiritual maturity, we should be fighting cynicism toward the people of God. We desire to see the church sanctified and for our leaders to take ownership of that process as they are empowered by the Spirit of God. Leaders who have been called out to guide God's people should be full of grace. A culture of cynicism and a lack of love will hinder our church as we seek to be a part of kingdom advancement.

self-aware, teachable & humble

At Summit Crossing, we look for MC leaders who are aware of their own weaknesses, which will be evidenced by a spirit that is teachable and humble. We believe strongly in our leaders having a right understanding of who we are apart from Christ, alongside a right understanding of who we are in Christ. This will produce a humble confidence that can only be explained by the work of Jesus.

UNDERSTANDING of the gospel

MC leaders should have a holistic understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom He is establishing. This includes the personal aspect of our salvation, but also the entire global story of God from beginning to end (the meta-narrative). We must know and proclaim that humanity and all of creation is broken and depraved, and that the only way to be in union with God our Father is through the life, death, resurrection, and return of King Jesus. MC leaders are not only models of living out the gospel in all areas of life (gospel intentionality), but we should also be consistently growing in our ability to articulate and speak the good news into all areas of life (gospel fluency).

heart for god's mission

We look for MC leaders who have a heart and passion for the mission of God. We long to be a part of seeing God's kingdom come here in Limestone County, and to see it spill over to the ends of the earth. Our MC leaders are especially crucial in helping us create and maintain a missional culture among our body.

knowledge of god's truth

MC leaders should possess a solid foundation of sound Biblical doctrine and be able to help protect against blatant heresy. What we know and believe to be true affects our emotions and actions, so we desire to guard against false teaching and lies from the enemy.

willingness to serve

MC leaders should be willing to serve not only each other, but the unbelieving world around them. We desire to cultivate a culture of displaying to each other and the world how Christ has served us by laying down His life for His bride.

ability to effectively communicate

MC leaders should be able to effectively communicate knowledge and passion to their small group of people.

understanding of summit crossing distinctives

MC leaders need to know, agree with, and live out the distinctives of Summit Crossing. 

Summit Crossing is committed to Biblical, Christ-centered community.

Summit Crossing is committed to a plurality of leadership and a culture of accountability in all areas of leadership.

Summit Crossing is committed to orthodox Christian beliefs (closed hand) and committed to fighting for unity and grace in the diversity of beliefs that fall outside of that realm (open hand).

awareness of surrounding culture

MC leaders should be aware of the culture around them and know how to navigate divisive issues of our day. We seek to avoid divisive issues in our group settings, as they typically tend only to division. Leaders should avoid an attitude of arrogance and superiority regarding unbelievers, and should seek to understand how the gospel speaks a better story over the false stories of our surrounding culture.
*If there is a divisive issue that your group would like to discuss together, please contact the Pastor of Missional Life for more information on handling that topic.



to the summit crossing body

MC leaders should be committed to this local expression of the body of Christ. We are not naive to think that Summit Crossing Limestone is a perfect church (we'll be the first to tell you otherwise), but we do believe that those who are leading should submit themselves to each other and to the leadership of this local body. This is functionally expressed in the expectation that each MC leader be a formal member of Summit Crossing Limestone.

to our vision & mission

Our MC leaders should be committed to living out the vision and mission of Summit Crossing and leading others to do the same.

VISION - to see the kingdom and glory of God advance from the neighborhoods to the nations

MISSION - to make disciples that make disciples by knowing the gospel, connecting in gospel relationships, and living out the gospel in the world around us

to the corporate gathering

We desire to see our MC leaders committed to gathering with the saints for our times of corporate worship whenever they are able. Our corporate gatherings are one of the primary environments in our discipleship process, and as leaders, we model for the body how valuable they are. Every week as we come together, we are encouraged and strengthened by the singing of the good news, challenged and exhorted by the preaching of the Word, held fast by the Spirit as we seek God in prayer, and rooted by remembering the death of our Savior, all resounding in unified worship to King Jesus.

to missional community

Our MC leaders set the culture for how important a commitment to community is for the follower of Jesus. MC groups can be messy, but we desire for each leader to be committed to Missional Community, as expressed in the Discipleship Framework of Summit Crossing. Leaders should strive to lead their MC members increasingly on mission to the community or area God has called them to.


what do we expect of mc leaders?


We expect MC leaders to be the point person for the care of members within their group. This does not mean that the entire burden of care falls on them alone, but they are to help facilitate spiritual care through the normal rhythms of their group and the other members. MC leaders are expected to communicate to the Pastor of Missional Life, the Elders, or their Cohort Coach when there is care needed that falls beyond the scope of their experience or gift set.

TO FACILITATE missional engagement

One of the primary ways we engage on local mission at Summit Crossing is through our MC groups. We expect MC leaders to help cultivate a missional culture by providing opportunities for MC members to engage on mission in our city. This does not mean that leaders our responsible for the obedience of the group members, only to encourage and provide missional engagement opportunities. MC leaders are expected to be aware of their struggles in this area and communicate to the Pastor of Missional Life or their Cohort Coach if they need assistance and coaching.

TO PARTNER with leadership IN THE assimilatION OF new group members

MC leaders are expected to prioritize their availability to connect potential members to their group. This could be through phone, email or face-to-face meetings at the Sunday gathering.

TO ATTEND cohort meetings

MC leaders are expected to commit to attending the cohort gatherings to stay connected and equipped. The cohorts are designed to provide proactive care and support for our leaders, as well as share valuable information. They also provide an environment for accountability and growth in self-awareness as a leader.

TO ATTEND quarterly one-on-one shepherding meetings

MC leaders are expected to commit to have one-on-one meetings with their cohort coach to be shepherded and cared for. The intent of these meetings is to make sure leaders and their families are cared for emotionally and spiritually.

TO ATTEND workshops

MC leaders are expected to prioritize attendance to the bi-annual workshops whenever possible. These are a great time to make sure that all our leaders are unified in the vision and mission of our Missional Communities, as well as be encouraged by fellowship with other leaders.

TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE pastor of missional life

MC leaders are expected to communicate to the Pastor of Missional Life whenever necessary. This may range from responding to event invites to filling out membership recommendations. 

TO work with leadership IN THE TRAINING OF new mc leaders

MC leaders are expected to work alongside our leadership to help raise up new MC leaders. The entire burden of leadership development does not fall solely on the leader; we just desire for participation in the process.


what can you expect as an mc leader?

to give 4-5 hours a week to your group

This time includes approximately 2.5 hours for the typical weekly family gathering. The rest of the expected time would be spent in preparation for the gathering, time with group members outside of the gathering, facilitating missional engagement, and communication to the group.

to oversee or perform the following tasks

  • weekly communication to your group about gatherings
  • planning childcare or guiding others to do so
  • meeting with group members outside of the family gathering 
  • leading group discussion
  • managing differing personalities
  • resolving conflict

MC leaders are not expected to perform each of these tasks on a weekly basis by themselves. MC leaders should work to raise up a core team that can handle many of these tasks to help the MC leaders.

to be challenged and grow spiritually

MC leaders can be expected to be challenged spiritually through the process of leading a MC. Areas of your life will be exposed and we desire for our leaders to be models of ongoing repentance, as every follower of Jesus should be. This process of challenge and repentance will result in spiritual growth for the leader as well, and you are not alone in this process.

to be challenged and grow in leadership

Leadership capacity will be stretched and grown for the MC leader during the time they are leading a group. Each leader has varying strengths and weaknesses, and leaders will, no doubt, be pushed out of their comfort zone. It is during this season that God reminds us of the grace we have in Christ Jesus, that we are given everything we need to make disciples that make disciples to the glory of God.

to fall in love with people

MC leaders can expect to fall deeply in love with people in their group. As leaders pour their time and energy into leading their group, they will begin to see God beautifully transform people from selfish consumers to selfless servants who follow King Jesus in all of life.

to hurt for people and be hurt by people

Along with the beauty of MC life, at times the leader can expect to experience hurt, grief and pain. This can come at the hands of group members at times, while other times the leader will hurt alongside a group member because they are hurting. As the leader walks into these seasons, they are privileged to enter into the sufferings of Christ Jesus and experience the resurrection that awaits for those who walk into Christ's death.

to be under appreciated

MC leaders can expect to be misunderstood and under appreciated by their group members. Those who are not in leadership positions will struggle to understand the amount of work (spiritually, physically and emotionally) that goes into leading a group of people, some of whom have no desire to be led. It is in these moments that we run again to Jesus, who fully understands and is intimately acquainted with our weakness.

to be cared for, valued and appreciated by the leadership of summit crossing

The Summit Crossing leadership deeply appreciates and values our MC leaders. As we often say, they are on the front lines of the fight to care for and shepherd the members of our body. Often, the MC leader is the first to know when a struggle arises in someone's life. Our leaders must know that they are not alone in this journey, and that we value and appreciate all the time, energy and effort that is poured out into the lives of those they lead. Leaders must know that their labor is not in vain, and not only does our leadership see their labors of love, God Himself sees and hears.

to be shepherded by the chief shepherd himself

Finally, and most important, MC leaders must know that the chief Shepherd himself will care for their souls as they care for the souls of others. That God is intimately involved in their group, and that He brings life from situations that appear to be dead. May each leader rest in the fact that God delights in them as His son or daughter, and that eternal rest awaits for those found in Christ Jesus. 

Ephesians 3:20-21
Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.