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missional community

A Missional Community is a group of approximately 8-20 people that seek to be a family of servant missionaries who desire to connect with God and each other in the gospel, and live out the gospel in the world around them.

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If you are interested in joining a Missional Community Group, please fill out the interest form below, and our Pastor of Missional Life will contact you soon.

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encountering Jesus series

Watch videos from our Encountering Jesus Series, where members of Missional Community Groups share how they are encountering Jesus in all of life through the ordinary, regular means of community.

Tony and Belinda Kirk had a member of their family who faced tragedy. As they sought to serve him by raising funds to help, their Missional Community came alongside them and lived out their identity as a family of servant missionaries to the world.

Greg and Ashlie Clay faced the difficulty of sending their first daughter off to college. But through their Missional Community, they were reminded that they are not alone.

Recently, Irma and Beverly joined their Missional Community in serving the Fire Departments of Limestone County, and in doing so, they displayed to the world their identity as servants of King Jesus. Watch the next video in our Encountering Jesus series now.