mySC3 Limestone

Stories Resource, Week 1

logistics & expectations


*Spend Week 1 setting logistics, expectations, and goals for the group.

meeting time, location, & frequency

Share with each other when, where, and how often you plan on meeting. 
*TIP: It is best to plan on meeting weekly, but have the flexibility to move or cancel meetings when necessary.

Each group member should make a clear, verbal commitment to engaging with the group and prioritizing the group's time together for the next six months. 

communication means

Solidify a form of communication that is effective and efficient for everyone in the group.


1. make sure everyone in the group knows each other.

*If not, share a little bit about who you are. 
*You do not have to share too many details, as you will have more time to share in Week 3 and beyond.

2. Each group member should share their goals and hopes for this group's time together. 

3. Each group member should share their fears and hesitations they have about being a part of this group.


Each member should put the next planned meeting in their calendar and commit to being there.

homework & PREPARATION

Read The Story of God found in the Week 2 material and prepare to discuss at the next meeting.