mySC3 Limestone

Stories Resource, Week 3+

your story


*Spend Week 3 sharing your stories with each other. Make sure each person has adequate time to share their full story with the other group members sharing how they were encouraged by the story. Take as many weeks as you need to do this together.

how to share your story

Think through the following framework when planning to share your story. As humans, we have the tendency to make ourselves the hero of our story. We want to work to make God the hero of our story when we share it with others. The following questions will help you when planning to tell yours.

YOUR BEGINNING | identity & purpose

Share what it was that gave you identity, purpose, satisfaction, and worth before you knew Jesus and the gospel.

To help, ask the following questions:
What did you have to have to make you "ok"?
What was the driving force in your life?

*EXAMPLES: approval of others, reputation, money, pleasure, pride, etc.

YOUR BROKENNESS | hurt & pain

Share how you were let down by the things that you thought could satisfy and fulfill you.
Share the pain and struggle you faced as you realized those things could not make you "ok".

YOUR new beginning | jesus & true healing

Share how Jesus has changed you and begun to heal your brokenness.
Share how He has taken your pain and begun to work glory in your life.
Share His kindness in how He revealed to you the emptiness of chasing earthly things.

YOUR present & future | jesus & true hope

Share how Jesus is now your only true source of satisfaction, purpose, and worth.
Share your desire to be made in His image and how He is currently working in you to sanctify you and make you like Him.
Share the current struggles you are facing and how you are desiring for Jesus to heal those.

*If you struggle to find the depth of your brokenness and the hope of Jesus in your story, please spend time reflecting on if you truly know Jesus as Savior and King. Share with the group your struggle and ask them for prayer.

group response

The group should respond by sharing how the story was encouraging to them in their relationship with Jesus. 

The group should also feel free to ask clarifying questions.


If the group has not already decided, the group should decide what content they desire to go through next. You may find suggested resources here.

Each member should put the next planned meeting in their calendar and commit to being there.

homework & preparation

Begin reading the content that the group has decided on and come ready to discuss using the "DNA Discussion Guide".